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Breaking Boundaries! Professional Canine Services is excited to announce the uniting of an extraordinary partnership with our friends at Boonefield Labradors .

Professional Canine Services masters the art of dog training, while Boonefield Labradors excel in a unique breeding program where the majority of their dogs go on to “work” in therapeutic settings.

Each litter is carefully planned with all breeding dogs having impeccable temperaments, outstanding pedigrees, health clearances and DNA testing done, to ensure that they are producing beautiful and sound dogs that embody all of the characteristics that all have come to love. Each puppy born is treated, evaluated and trained as though they will be therapy dogs so their temperaments are exceptional. Once they are deemed a suitable prospect and ready for their forever home.

Professional Canine Services offers a complete comfort/therapy dog training program.

Specializing in comfort dogs and comprehensive training services, provides the benefits of a training tailored to the unique needs of school resource officers and police departments.

Professional Canine Services can train the puppy and handler in obedience, socialization, environmental training, auditory training, proprioceptive (motion) and unexpected stimulus training.

Together, we're creating a harmonious blend of expertise to deliver exceptional, trained therapy dogs. Stay tuned for a new era in canine companionship!  #TrainingExcellence #TherapyDogAlliance

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