Dog Pet

Therapy Dogs

Prerequisites to attend this 10-class training certification course:

Dog must be 6 months or older.

No signs of aggression towards people, dogs or any other animals.

Must be fully vaccinated along with no physical disabilities.

A letter from a certified physician stating that you would benefit from having a therapy/comfort dog (this is preferred, but not mandatory)

Must have reliable transportation to travel to and from training locations.

Must be able to attend two (1) hour trainings per month with a trainer from Professional Canine Service.

Must be able to keep an up-to-date log book issued by Professional Canine Service. This book will be signed off once a month by one of our trainers.

This course will consist of 10 sessions that will teach your dog how to sit, down, stay,

heel, and recall. Once these movements are mastered your dog will move on to

socialization & environmental training. Your dog will be put through many environmental

challenges along with socializing to make sure he/she can hold the title of Therapy/Comfort dog.

Professional Canine Services will supply the following items:

6-foot leash

Harness (approved by Professional Canine Services)

Treat Pouch


Once you have completed this course you will receive a certification from Professional

Canine Services and a patch to attach to your dogs vest stating his/her certification.

You will also receive a card to keep on your person at all times when utilizing the dog

that states the certification. Professional Canine Services will offer insurance for your

dog at your request for additional fees. If interested, please call for information and


Give us a call for additional information.