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Comfort Dog K9 Starr and Handler Deputy Desroches!

K9 Starr is a 110lb, 4 year old female Great Dane. She was born on the 4th of July with two gorgeous different color eyes, one blue one brown.

Thanks to District Attorney Cruz who developed the Plymouth County Comfort Dogs Program, Starr became the first comfort dog for the Plymouth County Sheriffs Department in March of 2023 under direction of Sheriff Joseph D. McDonald, Jr .

After completing her training with Professional Canine Services, Starr hit the ground running spreading joy to all she has encountered. With a heartwarming mission, Starr extends her role beyond law enforcement, attending community events, visiting correctional facilities, council on aging facilities and much more. Her presence at the Special Education Parent Advisory Council Resource Fair adds a special touch, providing comfort and companionship to diverse groups within the community.

Starr's journey showcases the positive impact a well-trained and compassionate canine companion can have across different settings.

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