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Paws in Action: Police Partners Redefining Duty with Dual-Role Friendly Find Canine Training

These remarkable comfort dogs and dedicated handlers, trained by Professional Canine Services in friendly find, extend their impact beyond traditional search and rescue scenarios. With heightened sensitivity, they prove particularly effective in locating individuals with conditions such as autism or Alzheimer's. Their keen sense of smell and empathetic nature enable them to navigate diverse environments, assisting in the safe recovery of those who may be vulnerable or disoriented.

Beyond their proficiency in search and rescue, comfort dogs trained in friendly find bring an array of therapeutic benefits. Their inherent ability to alleviate stress and anxiety contributes to a calming atmosphere during search operations. When assisting individuals with cognitive conditions, these dogs provide emotional support, reducing agitation and fostering a sense of security. The companionship they offer is not only instrumental in crisis moments but also aids in the emotional healing process for both those found and their families. In essence, these versatile canines seamlessly blend their roles as skilled searchers and compassionate comfort providers, making a profound impact on the well-being of those they encounter.

A heartfelt thank you, to the following individuals. Your commitment to service and compassion is truly inspiring.

Officer Greg Lapallo & K9 Eamon - Plymouth Police Department, Officer Bethany Bonczar & K9 George - Tyngsboro Police, Officer Kathleen Keating & K9 Winnie - Dennis Police Department, Officer Leanne Marshalsea & K9 Peddocks - Hull Police Department, Officer David Gove & K9 Frankie - Franklin Police Department.

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